About Me

Hello! I’m Siobhan. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Welcome to my world. This blog will be a lot of me sharing the little things that excite me and fill up my world. I have a passion for photography, the great outdoors, making things – especially for other people – and just beautiful stuff generally. I have the great skill of starting projects and not finishing them!

I am lucky enough to live in the South West of England – Somerset to be specific – with my new husband (though very old best friend, Nick), slightly hyperactive doggy Juno and frankly lazy layabouts; pussycats Toddy and Diego. We are lucky enough to live in ‘The Loose Box’ a cosy little house on the edge of a sleepy little village, with fields and orchards on our doorstep.

This sleepy existence is often at odds with my busy work life as a Communications Manager, as sometimes I would much rather be out walking the dog, experimenting with my camera, crafting, loosing myself in a good book or making our home beautiful. Coming from a thrifty background I NEVER pay full price for anything – in comes the passion for crafting, allowing me to at least attempt to make some beautiful things on the cheap. This thrifty attitude its more important than ever, as we start the long process of saving for a deposit to buy our own little nest.

I hope you enjoy reading about the everyday goings-on of our life as much as I have!01-297