11-12 weeks – feeling better? 

After what felt like decades of not really eating and generally feeling miserable  (I am not a good sick person), I was worried that I would continue to feel this rubbish for my holiday in the Lake District. This is the highlight or my year, although rarely relaxing. Being in one of the only mountainous areas in the UK is an excuse to get the walking boots on and get out. So I was reasonably worried that I wouldn’t be up to anything let along climbing up mountains.
And the Friday before we went as true to form. I left work at lunch to go and pick up some last minute bits (mainly snacks for me). Dragged my arse home and then literally festered on the sofa for the rest of the evening. A combination of tiredness, sickness and a stinking headache rendered me pretty useless. Leaving poor Nick to pack the car and sort everything out. 

After an early, early start in the Saturday morning I was feeling suprisingly good and even drove the first stretch. And actually the break must have done me good. Because although I felt a bit dodgy at times, on the whole I felt much better than I had. We got out in the mountains and I even managed a route we had wanted to do for ages, Hellvelyn and Striding Edge. We changed to route a little so it was a bit shorter, but it was still a reasonably challenging route and I was chuffed I finish.

The next day however was a proper struggle. I wouldn’t suggest I am the fittest person, but can generally manage a route like that with ease. Clearly not when 12 weeks pregnant. My legs the next day! So although we didn’t do as much as we usually do (last year we walked tough routes most days) we did get out and achieve our goal. 

Sadly the respite was short lived and once back from our lovely break, I started feeling rubbish again. I can only conclude my pregnant self is allergic to work! 

Most excitingly though, 12 weeks meant the dating scan! The first tie qe would get to see our baby. I was nervous about this, of course. That moment though when they pick up the heartbeat and that first image of your baby appears on a screen is something I will never forget. It’s real! And alive! And thriving. It has the correct number of arms and legs! I dot think I was totally prepared for how emotional I would feel. And relieved. After weeks of worry and fear, here they were, squirming away. And somehow it did make up for all the mornings with my head down the loo. Wow!


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