5-6 weeks

So I am writing this post after just about managing to stuff down a few Jacob’s crackers this morning, such is the level of nausea I am currently experiencing. To be honest at just over 6 weeks without any sign of any sickness or food aversions I thought I might have got away with it. ‘Ha ha ha fool!’ I hear you all laugh. And you would be right!
I figured nausea was something which would come on gradually and get worse. It didn’t. Last night it hit me like a train. And the morning thing is a complete lie. I have been mis-sold. Although to be fair, waking up at 3am feeling sick as a parrot does constitute morning, so I can’t complain too much there. 

This is a real shock to the system because at the beginning of week 5, pretty much up until last night I did not feel pregnant. At all. I mean I had a stinking cold and my boobs had grown a cup size overnight, but other wise normal. 

Well maybe not normal. Certainly not as far as my husband is concerned. This opinion might, much to my annoyance, be fairly well grounded. I thought I hadn’t yet suffered from mood-swings. Nick might argue with that. And after having a full blown melt-down over not being able to find a pair of trainers ….. or a scarf ….. or my sunglasses, he might well be right. 

And although the very site of most foods today is making me turn a delightful shade of green, I suppose I should be pleased. A. Because I suppose I now actually feel pregnant. I mean feeling sick at the sight of chocolate is a tangible thing isn’t it? A real pregnancy symptom. That real pregnant women suffer from. And B. Everywhere I have read, it seems that nausea is a good sign that the little pea sized human inside me is currently making a success of things. Go you, mini human!!!!

So I suppose I’ll be pleased. However I’m not sure how nutritious a diet of Jacob’s Cream Crackers actually is for the healthy development of a mini human, so I can only hope this abates soon. 
At the end of this week I finally manage to see my doctor. To be honest I have no idea what this will entail, but it’s exciting all the same. And a bit scary. 


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