One small step for mankind. One massive step for us 

So we have really graduated into the world of the grown-up. At 27 and 28 we have put in an offer for a stunning little house…. and had the offer accepted!!!!!!!

So scary. Just this morning we have discussed all the grown-up words. Like mortgage and solicitors! 

I know that we have a very long way to go. I know that this is just the first teeny, tiny step in what can often be a very long and arduous (not to mention expensive) journey. I know this from experience. I might never have bought my own house, but have experienced a number of house moves with my parents.

I don’t remember even one of these being plain sailing. Some have been downright stressful for them. The last move they ended up homeless for a couple of months. Not good or funny. 

But I am still excited. We have found a house in an area we have always aspired to live in. A beautiful village, in a beautiful area. 

I’m so excited about being part of a small community. Buying a home in a place we have started to establish ourselves. Where we have friends and family. This is particularly exciting for me and something I want to provide for my children when they come along. 

We will keep you posted! 


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