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Buying a House (part 1 of many)

So here we are. 10 years after we first got together, nearly 6 years after finishing university and many years of saving. We are beginning to get to a point where we can apply for that most grown-up of things – a Mortgage. 

I mean the word says it all really. Literally translated it actually means death-pledge. This is big grown up stuff we are entering into. And at 27 and 28 we should be grown-up enough to deal with such a massive decision. But my isn’t it daunting!

So here we are. Ready to truly embark into adulthood. Although I did say to Nick this morning. Please prod me if I ever actually behave like an adult!!!

Admittedly we have seriously had to adjust our expectations. But then who doesn’t!!! Since we first moved back to Somerset after finishing university 6 years ago, we have kept half an eye on the property market, looking at what was around. And it is fairly safe to say this has decreased as the years have gone by. 

Now we will just be happy to have a place which is our own. Where we can paint the walls whatever colour we like. Have as many pets as we wish. And most of all, think about planning our little family. 

However I am not prepared to just settle for anything. We are not constrained by time or about real need to move. We are really happy here. 

So here is the checklist. I expect this will change over time as our grasp of reality adjusts;

  1. 2-3 bedrooms is a must. Ideally if there are 2 rooms there needs to be scope to either find some extra room in the house or build a little office outside. So even though there is a chocolate box thatched cottage, which is utterly beautiful and perfect, I must be sensible.
  2. It needs to be safe for cats. I know, I know. Most people might think it is daft,but to me my cats are part of the family. Cats have been such an important part of my life for all of my life. I have lost one treasured friend on the road and it broke my heart. I want to limit the danger.
  3. So with that massive limitation in mind we could probably do with looking at a village. As you might already have guessed I am a country bird. The town, with its roads noise and easy access to daily essentials is not really my thing.
  4. A garden. I won’t profess to be a budding Alan Titchmarsh but I like to have some nice outside space where when the sun actually shines, I can sit and read a book with a cold beer! Also having a dog rather precludes this small amenity. 

So this is my rudimentary list.  Which I am sure will change. It is a journey I am excited about embarking on! 


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