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Spring is Springing

At last it seems that Spring is just around the corner. Tantalisingly close.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Winter. The long winter nights and cosy weekends. Time to take stock, enjoy the small things like a hot cup of coffee, a frosty morning, a log fire or a cosy evening spent in the pub. 

These are all the things I love about winter. However like millions of other people the long nights, short days and perpetual rain can get a little wearing. After all there really is only so much knitting and Netflix watching one can do. And for many SAD is an everyday reality.

So the first signs of spring are always a welcome sign. Be this time of the year I am feeling a definite need to recharge my batteries. There is a distinct lack of vitamin D in my system, that only the warmth of sun will remedy.

Roll on those longer days, the feel of sun on bare skin (yes I know you are there under the layers of woolen jumpers) and those long, lazy summer evenings. 

Five things I love about Spring;

1. The incredible spring flowers. Always such a welcome shock to the system after the neutral colours of Winter.

2. Birdsong. We are so incredibly lucky in the country to have so many birds nesting near us. The song in the morning is something not to miss.

3. Spring lambs. I mean does anything say Spring more than lovely little lambs and their youthful energy!

4. Lighter mornings and evenings. Having more daylight to enjoy is easily one of the best things about this time of year. No more headtorch when walking the dog in the mornings!

5. The great outdoors. Somehow I feel more inclined to explore when the weather is warmer. Hibernation season is over!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!


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