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10 things which made me happy this week

As I have said before, I find January pretty tough. It’s all dark days and long nights and I find myself wishing for the Spring.

However in a bid to be less grumpy and more optimistic, here are 10 things which have made me happy in this most dreary of weeks. 

1. I have arranged for my sister to come and stay with me next month. Nick is going skiing (lucky bugger) with school for a week and I will be on my own for the longest time I can remember in years. So Kerenza is coming to stay. I’m really excited about this.

2. My colleague brought in her 2 week old baby to work. I feel like I have a vested interest in this child. I have been with Sally through all the ups and Downs of her pregnancy. The feeling crap, the numerous toilet breaks, the fascination and awe at her growing bump, the speculation about the birth and the sex. 

Archie was born healthy and late. It was lovely and frankly amazing to meet this little man who I had spent so much time with. To be honest, although I have had some interaction with pregnant women, it is generally on an intermittent and fleeting basis. On the other hand I saw Sally and bump most days over the course of her pregnancy. Often expressing wonder every day when she had grown a bit, or bump looked a little different. 

What was also lovely was how wonderful Juno was with him. She doesn’t have much experience with babies, and certainly none that small. But she was fascinated and so good. It was really reassuring for when our time comes!

3. I met my friend Rosie for dinner. Even though we live miles away we still manage to meet up every month or so. We met at an awful job we had several years ago and just hit it off. It is always nice to have a catch up.

4. Which leads to number 4. Rosie is getting married in May. In Cornwall! So exciting. We have set aside a date to do some wedding planning and making. After having spent all of last year crafting and planning for our wedding, I feel a bit empty not doing any of that this year.

5. Listening to my audio book. I am currently listening to Jodi Picoult’s ‘Small Great Things’. I listen to it in the car on the way to and from work. And it is brilliant! Definitely worth a read. I’m struggling to turn it off at the moment!

6. I finished a really big project at work and got praised for it. This is always a good feeling. Not only did I get good feedback but I finished it in a really short time frame!! Hooray for me!

7. I nearly finished a baby mobile for my friend who is expecting a baby in March. I am properly chuffed with how it looks at the moment. I just need to finish the moon and sew it all together!

8. One night this week, when I might have left work a little earlier this week and the sun had been shining, it did actually feel a little lighter than it has done. Maybe only a tiny amount, but just enough to make a difference. 

9. I saw my first daffodil! I love daffodils! They are my favourite flowers. They just brighten up the day and to me signify the start of spring. They are my happy flowers. Even the ones in my garden are poking their heads out. A bit chilly in my opinion, but good all the same.

10. We have planted a little herb garden for our kitchen windowsill! Nick is always using different herbs for cooking so we have bought a little wooden trough and planted a range of herbs. Looking forward to watching these grow – hopefully!

What has made you happy this week? 


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