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Monthly to do list – January 

So now I am just about recovered from Christmas, and I’m (sort of) back into the swing of things at work, my brain is turning to the rest of this darkest of months. I’m not going to lie. I really hate January. It’s dark when I leave for work, it’s dark when I get home. In fact today I have been at home and it hasn’t got light enough to turn the lights off. It’s cold, it’s wet and frankly miserable. And the worst thing? There is all this to contend with and no Christmas on the horizon. At least in December there is glitter, a bit of glamour and a lot of anticipation to liven up the dreary days.

January is a real non-month for me. A month where I would quite happily hibernate. Or at least snuggle under a blanket and read a good book. At a time when people are talking about healthy eating and healthy living, a hearty stew and partial hibernation are the things which really appeal to me.

With this attitude, January often passes me by without me really noticing. I can’t think of one monumental event taking place in my life in January. It’s likely to have been deferred until February.

This year I am keen to make sure January 2017 is not a complete write off! So here is my January to-do list. Because in reality there is an awful lot to do, which cannot wait until February! And actually I can take advantage of the miserable weather outside to do some indoors jobs. 

1. Make a baby mobile as a present to give to my friend at her baby shower in early February. (Actually I have already started this!)

2. Sort out my wedding album. So we may well have got married in August and have received our photos back in September, however I have yet to sit down and decide which images I want in the photo album and which I want framed. I have bought the album, which is gathering dust at the moment!! I did make a start and put some images in frames today!

3. Renovate the pine chest I have bought for  hallway storage seat. In our hallway we used to have a storage unit which was open and it constantly looked a mess. I hated it! I have bought a sad looking pine storage chest which I am hoping to turn into a shoe storage box with a seat. I have some chalk paint in the shed and found some discarded striped Laura Ashley fabric for the seat. I will show you the results!

4. Put up lots of pictures. I was really lucky and got some amazing prints and pictures for Christmas. They are still cluttering up the spare room, rather than beautifully adorning my walls. They must go up this month!

5. Stay social. With it being so dark in January I often become a bit of a hermit. I have to drive a lot for work and find this an even more onerous task at this time of year. Even with Audible! A real challenge for me is to resist my natural inclination to hibernate and actually get out and see friends and family. 


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