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Winter Moodboard

Being in the country I notice the seasons so much more than I ever did in a town or even a larger village. There is a lovely, comforting rythem of spring, summer, auntumn, winter followed by spring again. 

All this change is so much more heightened in the countryside. And that even goes for winter. It is easy to assume that winter is bland, but I don’t think that could be further from the truth. It is true that beauty may not be in your face, but it is most definitely there.

It is just more subtle than the in your face, all singing and all dancing colour blast that is spring, summer and autumn, but actually the neutrality of the colors themselves can be pretty special.

These colors often reflect my mood and style in winter and so I have created a Winter Mood Board from some of the images I have taken from around the house in the last few weeks. These pictures to me sum up nature in winter. I love the color palette it has created. So calm and neutral and yet warm at the same time. In fact I would really like to use this in one of the rooms in the house. I love it! What are your winter colours? 


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