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2017 Book Challenge

I said in my New Year, New Challenges post that one of my goals for 2017 was to read more books. I have always loved reading but last year especially, I really struggled to put aside the time. In fact last year was probably the worst year on record for a number of reasons. I am an avid Audible listener as I have a fairly long drive into work and also drive a lot for work, but nothing can beat snuggling down on the sofa under a blanket with a good book.
Today I came across a great idea! The 2017 reading challenge; a list of 26 different types of books to read during the year. I figured even if I don’t tick off all, it will encourage me to read more, at might get outside of my reading comfort zone. The list is as follows;

  • A book you read in school
  • A book from your childhood
  • A book published over 100 years ago
  • A book published in the last year 
  • A nonfiction book
  • A book written by a male author 
  • A book written by a female author
  • A book by someone who isn’t a writer
  • A book that became a film
  • A book published in the 20th century 
  • A book set in your home town/region
  • A book with someone’s name in the title
  • A book with a character with your first name (could be tricky, might look at books set in Ireland)
  • A book someone else recommended to you 
  • A book with over 500 pages
  • A book you can read in a day
  • A previously banned book – should be interesting 
  • A book with a one word title
  • A book translated from another language
  • A book that will improve a specific area of your life
  • A memoir or journal 
  • A book written by someone younger than you
  • A book set somewhere you will be visiting this year – so either the Lake District, Iceland or Switzerland!! 
  • An award winning book
  • A self published book

So there is the list! Some of these could be pretty easy to find, some pretty tricky! I will let you know how I get on. Let me know if you are taking on the challenge too and we can compare notes!


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