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2017 – New Year, New Challenges

It is chucking it down outside and I’m currently sat snuggled on the sofa under a blanket, in front of a raging fire – I LOVE bank holidays!

I’m always a little sad when the Christmas festivities are over. I am a proper Christmas fairy, and Christmas excitement generally builds from about October! At a time when work is once again on the horizon and we need to contemplate packing away the decorations and relegating the tree out to the garden, I always start to think about the upcoming year.

For me 2016 has been immense. A year I can honestly say I will never, ever forget. I am so keen to make 2017 even better. This is why I want to set myself a list of things I want to achieve this year. (I love lists! There is just nothing better than ticking things off!)

1. Save, save and save some more!!! We are both keen to have our own place so deposit saving it currently top priority. We love The Box but really want our own home soon. This could take some time!

2. Book and plan our honeymoon in Iceland (and save for this as well). Any recommendations for this would be massively appreciated!

3. Buy a passport (very important if I am going to achieve 2).

4. Improve my photography, with especial focus on imagery for Instagram. I really want to make my own photography website and would also like to learn how to get the most out of photo editing software.

5. Do some serious work on the garden and buy some new garden furniture so we can appreciate it!

6. Deal with the spare room. Since we moved in, it has been a dumping ground for everything and anything. I really want to make it a useful and usable craft and work type room.

7. Make lots of baby stuff for all my expectant friends and family (this group of people seems ever growing, so this should keep me busy). I will keep you posted on these projects. This is a blanket I have already started. I will post more on this at a later date.

8. Budget better. Try to cut unnecessary expense. Be strict but reasonable and try to stick to it! This is to help number 1!

9. Read more. I love reading. A lot. But in the last year I have struggled to make time to pick up a book. There are so many books I want to read already this year, so I will try to set aside more time. Especially during lunchtime at work. 

10. Plant some veg. We have a fairly sizable veg patch in the garden but failed to make much use of it last year. I am going to try and grow something this year. Perhaps green beans as I LOVE green bean Chutney and really want to learn how to make it!

11. Be more organised with meals, especially lunches for work. I have already said I hate cooking but am really keen to be more organised on this score as well as more economical. 

12. Plan a trip to Hever Castle with my little sis Kerenza. We have been talking about doing this for years. We are both Anne Boleyn geeks – maybe a trip for spring. 

13. Get out in the van lots. We have a VW T5 which is sort of converted into a camper van – sort of. It has a bed and we have a little cooker for it. Last year we spent 11 days in it after our wedding, travelling around the north coast of Scotland. It was really rather epic and I want to plan lots of little weekends away this year. Mostly to Cornwall!

14. Climb a mountain. Our annual trip to the Lakes should see to this. Last year we conquered Scafell Pike so this year perhaps we might look at Helvellyn!

15. Be more organised. I am a total scatter brain and need lists just to keep me on track. I have sorted some of this already, having bought myself some rather pretty stationary including a diary and address book (yes at 27 this is my first address book!!!).

16. Be more positive. Maybe the most difficult of the lot!

Let me know what you have planned for this year? 


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