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And so this is Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year for a huge number of reasons. For a start I get two weeks off work. Time I can do the things I really love, like crafting, messing around with my camera and getting lost in a good book – all without feeling a single ounce of guilt. Not to mention it is the best opportunity to eat….and eat….and eat a bit more….and when you think you cannot eat another bite, out comes the cheese! (cheese is above all my greatest weakness).


But above all Christmas to me is about family. I am very lucky that my family still gathers for Christmas. At 27 I am at the younger end of a group of four sisters (The Coven as we are often called). My eldest sister has two young children and my next eldest sister is pregnant with her first (Yipee! Much crafting is planned!). Yet despite there being so many of us (10 adults and two littluns) we still manage to gather together over the Christmas period. It is the busiest, maddest, most boisterous time of the year and I LOVE it!

Now I have to admit to being one of the most useless and disinclined cooks in the world. I don’t enjoy it, and thank goodness Nick not only enjoys it, but is frankly brilliant, otherwise we may have had to live off pasta and sauce for the last six years. However cooking at Christmas is not optional, is obligatory. What with there being so many of us, it is essential we all contribute.

My speciality is pudding and it is literally the only time I go anywhere near the measuring scales in the whole year! This year I need to wholeheartedly credit the amazing Mary Berry. The pudding, soaked overnight and steamed for what felt like a whole day, was not just good, it was amazing! Like melt in the mouth kind of amazing! If all my baking pursuits were as successful at this, I might try it more often! Not a single crumb was left on the plate on Christmas evening. For this very tasty, light and fruity Christmas pudding visit this page.

I hope you have all had a Merry Christmas with the people you love, doing the things you love. Feel free to share your best bits.



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